Asset Management Made Easy

Manage the entire lifecycle of your mobile and fixed assets with barcode and RFID technology.

Have confidence in your inventory data to report what you have, where it’s located, and how it’s being used.

Manage unlimited assets, track mandatory funding compliance, report asset depreciation, and simplify your staff and student 1:1 initiatives with easy device assignment. Unlimited user access supports cross-department roles and responsibilities to ensure accurate data.

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Identify the details of individual assets and change status

Track an asset throughout it’s lifecycle

Easy assignment for 1:1 initiatives
Easy assignment for 1:1 initiatives

Automate data between third-party systems, like your SIS and HR systems, to eliminate duplicate data entry, keep records in sync, and provide centralized access to information.

  • "We are now fiscally responsible and make data-driven purchasing decisions because of our implementation of TIPWeb-IT. It has been a tremendous endeavor, but much needed and meaningful."

    Bob Fishtrom, Director of Technology, Sequoia Union HS District (CA)

  • "Our $75M tech bond called for replacement of network infrastructure and classroom tech. We needed a system that could scale for our massive asset growth, powerful auditing capabilities for accountability, and an integrated focus on K-12 solutions. Hayes and TIPWeb-IT delivered."

    Jason Genovese, Director of IT Operations, Garland ISD (TX)

  • “TIPWeb-IT holds all of our inventory data and makes it easy to look up student, staff, and device details. Within a minute, I can tell you exactly how many assets my district has and their total value.”

    Nick DePauw, Director of Information Technology, Patterson USD (CA)

TIPWeb-IT Empowers You to:

School Asset Tracking Icon

Have Complete Control of Inventory Records

Access a complete history of an asset, including where it’s been and it’s status, from the moment it’s purchased to the end of its useful life in the district.

Unlimited Users Icon

Scale as Needed with Unlimited Users & Assets

There are no limits to the number of users who can access the system or assets you can track, giving you the freedom to manage and scale your inventory in the way that best fits your needs.

1:1 Device Assignment Icon

Assign Devices to Staff & Students for 1:1 Initiatives

Increase accountability and asset retention by easily tracking assigned devices, fees assessed and collected, and recorded damages.

Create a check-out/in process that works for your assets, then track accountability, retention, digital signatures, accessories, fees, and damages.

Mobile Audits Icon

Perform Inventory Audits in Real-Time

Keep your data accurate by verifying the building and assignment by department or room from a mobile app or tablet – no syncing necessary. Assign to schools and watch the results update from your desk.

RFID Scanner Icon

Take Your Audits to the Next Level with RFID

Complete your physical inventory verification 20% faster by scanning multiple items simultaneously, while reducing human error and manual data entry. Verify an entire laptop cart in seconds.

Integration Data Flow Icon

Streamline Tasks with Data Flow Between Systems

Simplify your workflow with automated data imports and exports between business systems, such as your SIS, purchasing, and fixed asset systems.


TIPWeb-IT Is a Solution For Inventoried Assets That Are:

  • Capital and non-capital assets of any value
  • Periodically audited for updated location and status verification
  • Temporarily assigned to students, staff, or locations in the district
  • Purchased with funds that require an audit trail to ensure appropriate material usage
  • Transferred and utilized at different rooms or sites
  • Scheduled for upgrade, recall, or decommission and need to be easily identified and located

Complementary Products & Services

Save hundreds of hours and complete audits 20% faster by scanning hard-to-reach items simultaneously.

Manage help desk tickets with efficiency and ease in a single, integrated platform built for K-12.

Flexible repair plans with a lifetime guarantee and no deductible to ensure devices are 100% functional.

As a Hayes customer, you are always supported by a team of inventory control experts who care about your success.

Your Customer Journey

  • Dedicated Implementation Team

    Your Customer Success Manager will guide you through your project’s implementation while continuing to support your needs and ensure you remain successful.

  • Comprehensive Staff Training

    Your district staff will receive customized training to learn how to maximize the efficiency and impact of TIPWeb-IT.

  • Unlimited Customer Support

    Everyone in your district will have unlimited phone and email technical support from our team of experts. No strings attached.

Optional Services

  • Business System Data Flow

    Automate data between third-party systems to eliminate duplicate data entry, keep records in sync, and provide centralized access to information.

  • Data Conversion

    Our data conversion team will help manage the transition of your existing data to reduce the obstacles of time, cost, and application downtime.

  • Consulting Services

    We help lay the proper foundation and provide guidance and assistance in implementing a successful inventory control solution tailored to your organization.