Support Your District with an Integrated Help Desk System

Manage help desk tickets with efficiency and ease in an integrated cloud-based platform.

Support Your District with an Integrated Help Desk System

Managing the use, availability, and health of your district’s assets is a growing responsibility. That’s why we created GetHelp, a web-based help desk tool integrated with TIPWeb-IT asset management software.

Technicians can see information related to an asset while resolving the ticket, without having to log in and out of disparate systems.

See details about an asset while creating a ticket.

Organize tickets by problem type, priority, and status.

See an asset’s ticket history within TIPWeb-IT.

Quickly respond to tickets with GetHelp, so teachers, staff, and students stay focused on what matters most – teaching and learning.

GetHelp Makes it Easy to:

TIPWeb-IT Integration Icon

View Asset Details in the Help Desk System

The integration with TIPWeb-IT allows you to quickly view asset details such as tag number and location while creating a ticket in GetHelp, and view an asset’s complete ticket history in TIPWeb-IT.

User Portal Icon

Allow Users to Submit Tickets via an Online Portal

Teachers, staff, and students can submit help desk tickets through an online portal with built-in short cuts for any assets already assigned to them in TIPWeb-IT.

Ticket Dashboard Icon

Manage All Tickets on a Single Dashboard

Technicians can easily prioritize their tasks by seeing all active tickets in a single, sortable dashboard and even assign tickets to others on the team.

Custom Features Icon

Customize Problem Types to Fit Your Needs

Every district is unique, which is why we made it simple to edit things like problem types and priority levels to optimize the system for your district’s needs.


As a Hayes customer, you are always supported by a team of inventory control experts who care about your success.

Your Customer Journey

  • Dedicated Implementation Team

    Your Customer Success Manager will guide you through your project’s implementation while continuing to support your needs and ensure you remain successful.

  • Comprehensive Staff Training

    Your district staff will receive customized training to learn how to maximize the efficiency and impact of GetHelp.

  • Unlimited Customer Support

    Everyone in your district will have unlimited phone and email technical support from our team of experts. No strings attached.

Optional Services

  • Business System Data Flow

    Automate data between third-party systems to eliminate duplicate data entry, keep records in sync, and provide centralized access to information. 

  • ADFS Integration

    Single sign-on access to GetHelp streamlines the work flow of your staff and improves user adoption.

  • Consulting Services

    We help lay the proper foundation and provide guidance and assistance in implementing a successful inventory control solution tailored to your organization.