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What’s the Difference Between Cleaning vs. Disinfecting?

Hear from an expert: Matthew Bell, CMHS


What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting? In a new environment shaped by COVID-19, we have an acute awareness of the spread of germs.  However, no matter how conscientious and diligent we are, better understanding and knowledge is the most critical defense we have.

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ICYMI: Tracking and Supporting Devices Beyond the Classroom

OApril 23rd, we hosted a virtual panel about how to track and support devices beyond the classroom. 

We had a great conversation with educational technology professionals about the processes they are creating to easily distribute devices, provide easy methods for staff and students to submit tickets, and enable education that expands beyond the classrooms.

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Hayes EDU: RFID 101 – Why RFID?

Do you dread physical inventories? Inventory can lead to hours of physically counting assets, devices that may be forgotten or out-of-sighthard-to-reach items like projectors, access points, server rooms, and everything in between. This dull work is time-consuming, and leaves room for human error.  

Scanning inventory with RFID technology can easily pick up difficult-to-reach items in a room in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

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Hayes EDU: RFID 101 – How Does RFID Work?

So you know what RFID Technology is , but do you know how it works?

RFID technology works by transmitting radio waves between an RFID scanner (i.e., interrogator) and an RFID tag, which is made up of a microchip with an antenna.

When a scanner sends out electromagnetic waves, the RFID tag attuned to receive the waves sends a unique signal back to the scanner. The microchip on the RFID tags holds information on the tag and relays the electronic product code (EPC) and asset tag number to the RFID scanner.

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Hayes EDU: RFID 101 – What is RFID?

What do tollbooths, concert wristbands, and your favorite retail store have in common? RFID!

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is a technology that utilizes radio frequency waves to transfer data and information.  RFID tags can uniquely identify and track inventory and assets, unlike barcodes, the RFID tags do not require direct line of sight or proximity to successfully confirm the location of an asset while performing a physical inventory.

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We’re Here for You: Resources for Remote Learning

We’re here to support you. Whether you’re still planning your next steps, or mobilizing assets for remote learning, we can help. Here is a list of some resources regarding at-home-learning that could be useful for you or your district if you’re practicing remote learning with at-home technology: Continue reading “We’re Here for You: Resources for Remote Learning”

Don’t Be Left to Count Your Own Devices

ProBar and Hayes Software Systems have been working together to provide a turnkey solution for districts across the U.S. for almost a decade.

“In districts that have been without inventory for 2+ years, we’re seeing as high as 40%-50% of assets that we’re finding are new to the district.”

Mike Moss of ProBar

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“Hayes makes Work Fun!”

Hayes Software Systems has been serving educators across the country since 1990. We’ve grown and changed over the years, but our mission remains the same, to empower school administrators and positively impact the lives of students. We know this work is incredibly important, and we know that  creating a great company culture for our team to thrive in will lead to better solutions for our customers.

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Cherry Creek Uncovers $30,000 Worth of Surplus Assets in 6 Months

After six months of using TIPWeb-IT, Cherry Creek School District repurposed approximately $30,000 worth of equipment.

Before implementing TIPWeb-IT, the district didn’t have a way to track assets at all. In fact, they didn’t track anything at the district level. “Schools managed it the best they could using any method that they had. From a district perspective, we didn’t manage it at all,” said Huy.

With no way to know what assets they had, Cherry Creek couldn’t have anticipated their surplus before adopting TIPWeb-IT. But within six months of implementing an asset management system, they saw a return on their investment.

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