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School Asset Management Under Florida Administrative Code 961-75

Understanding what the new FAC Regulations means for Florida School Districts Florida Administrative Code (FAC) 691-75 impacts the way that school districts in Florida manage their assets. As of 2020, the FAC requires schools be compliant with the new guidelines, which specify school districts must track “attractive” assets. Attractive assets are tangible devices at a heightened risk of theft, such as laptops, iPad, and Chromebooks used in learning environments.  The...

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Your School Sanitization Playbook

Whether your school district is reopening, focused on remaining open, opting to switch to a hybrid learning approach, or switching to virtual learning altogether, Hayes Software Systems’ Sanitization Playbook can guide your school district.   In partnership with industry experts at Xclusive Services, Hayes created a reference document with detailed sanitization processes, procedures, and recommended strategies.  In this guide you’ll explore:   Recommended Frequency of Cleaning   Prioritizing High Touch Areas  Device Sanitization  How...

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5 Steps to Establish a Routine Sanitization Program

Hear from an expert: Audra Stockman, VP of Operations at Xclusive Services   Schools everywhere are reopening for the academic year, and district administrators, technicians, and educators are swimming in projects. Whether the school is reopening in person, virtually, or taking a hybrid approach, educators are busy preparing devices, classrooms, and new learning strategies. Establishing a routine sanitization program is paramount. Here are...

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ICYMI: District-Wide Take Home… Now What?

On, August 25th, Hayes Software Systems partnered with CDW-G on a virtual webinar for CASBO.   School administrators and business leaders from the state of California gathered via Zoom to discuss processes for staff and student device distribution and easy help desk ticket submission. The conversation centered around on managing assets through their entire lifecycle, forecasting upcoming tech refreshes, and sanitizing learning devices before reaching the hands of...

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Hear from the Experts: How to Sanitize a Chromebook

Hear from an expert: Audra Stockman, VP of Operations at Xclusive Janitorial Services Computer keyboards and laptops can harbor over 20,000 times the number of bacteria and viruses as toilet seats, according to online IT educational organization, CBT Nuggets.   While we regularly clean bathroom facilities, laptops are often neglected. In school environments, Chromebooks are a prime candidate for the spread of COVID-19 and other disease-causing pathogens.   We recommend schools sanitize each device...

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ICYMI: Sanitization Webinar: How to Reopen Schools Safely

On July 30th, school administrators gathered virtually to discuss sanitization processes for reopening. Hayes Software Systems hosted a webinar to explore what the “new” back-to-school might look like for schools across the nation.     Special guest Audra Stockman, Vice President of Operations for Xclusive Janitorial Services, outlined comprehensive recommendations for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting each high-risk area across school facilities. The team at Xclusive Janitorial Services holds accreditations from Johns Hopkins, ISSA, and...

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The Importance of Sanitizing High-Touch Areas

Hear from an expert: Audra Stockman, VP of Operations at Xclusive Janitorial Services As information changes daily, it might feel challenging to keep up with the latest steps schools can take to decrease the spread of COVID-19.  Even as we get inundated with information, here are a few everyday constants you can incorporate into your school to reduce overall risk. While wearing...

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3 Easy Steps to Keep Your School Sanitized and Students & Staff Healthy

Hear from an expert: Audra Stockman   Amid the COVID-19 public health crisis, nothing is more top-of-mind than staying healthy. As the academic year approaches, schools nationwide are reevaluating their past sanitization procedures to ensure a successful reopening. In addition to social-distancing and mask guidelines championed by the CDC and other health agencies, these three simple steps can improve school sanitization and...

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New York State Education Law §2-D

Education Law §2-D impacts the way that districts in the state of New York manage their assets. As of 2019 schools are required to be compliant with these regulations, which foster privacy and security of the personally identifiable information of students and staff. Hayes Software Systems has been empowering districts to manage data since 1990, and it has always been our...

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Simi Valley Unified School District Distributes 4,000 Chromebooks in Under a Month

Simi Valley Unified School District had been searching for an asset management system for the past five years. It seemed that the district wasn’t able to justify the budget required to implement an asset solution in order to manage devices.   However, in March of 2020, COVID-19 introduced a brand-new challenge. The district needed to implement an emergency take-home, sending staff and students home with over four thousand Chromebooks in the span of weeks.   Simi Valley USD...

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