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5 Questions to Evaluate Your District’s Inventory Management Capabilities

By Anna Maxin

Transferring, assigning, auditing and budgeting for instructional initiatives is a district-wide, all building, all department challenge.  Think of a typical school day. Assets are moving from room to room, person to person, and even building to building – How do school and department inventory spreadsheets and district financial asset systems keep up?

Districts across the country are turning to new processes to manage their items to reduce the inefficiencies and costs of inventory operations. Many are finding the answer to their problems by implementing a perpetual inventory management methodology supported by building-level inventory automation software. Continue reading “5 Questions to Evaluate Your District’s Inventory Management Capabilities”

Auditing School Technology Assets – 3 V’s to Avoid Headaches

By Anna Maxin

As a district administrator, you know how difficult it is to keep accurate track of the technology assets being purchased and assigned to schools.  Ideally, your department is able to track inventory information to demonstrate what you have, where it is located, and how old it is.

However, you know that your asset spreadsheet is only as accurate as the last time your staff updated it. Who knows if all the items are still in the same location and in a usable condition for the start of school?  You scramble your staff to scour your buildings to find the required items using this out-of-date data, taking them away from their core responsibilities. The initial results indicate there was inventory newly identified you didn’t know about that had to be tagged and a high percentage of inventory that couldn’t be found.

The scenario above is all too common for K-12 school districts. Knowing precisely what you have and where inventory is being utilized will allow for more reliable reporting.  It’s time to think of your technology asset information in a different way.  Here are three simple questions to consider to reduce the headaches induced by bad data. Continue reading “Auditing School Technology Assets – 3 V’s to Avoid Headaches”