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3 Best Practices to Manage School Help Desk Tickets

School technology staff should follow these best practices when working in your help desk ticketing system.

By Gena Blankenship

Help desk ticketing systems are a great tool to streamline the daily management of school help desk tickets from teachers, students, and school administrators. They also hold a goldmine of data that you can use to drive decisions to provide the best technology possible for staff and students.
To make use of this data, you need to establish clear, standardized procedures that your technology staff can execute. Creating consistencies in processes and ticket data will allow you to identify SLA compliance, product issues, technician efficiency, and much more.

Clearly establish standards in these three areas to support ticket management and reporting: Continue reading “3 Best Practices to Manage School Help Desk Tickets”

6 Inventory System Integration Trends You Need to Know About – Part One: Help Desk

By Jessica Zaleskihelp desk inventory management difference

Welcome to part one of a six part series about inventory system integration trends! There are opportunities to increase the accuracy of inventory information accessible by district- and school-level staff simply by interfacing systems like your purchasing, fixed asset, systems management, help desk, cash management, and network management that may all hold valuable asset data. In this installment, we’ll talk about how your help desk system and inventory management system can be valuable complements to each other and help reduce manual data entry and increase information transparency across your assets. Continue reading “6 Inventory System Integration Trends You Need to Know About – Part One: Help Desk”