Sanitization Services 

Keep Your Data Clean, And Your School District Cleaner 


 Sanitize Schools & High Touch Areas

Every building across your school district is trafficked by countless staff and students. Entrance ways, high-touch surfaces, and busy classrooms are vulnerable to the spread of illness.  Your staff and students trust you to provide a clean and safe environment for teaching and learning. Our team is here to support your school district while meeting and exceeding industry standards. 

Mobile Device Sanitization, Distribution, and Collection

When staff and students take home devices, make sure they aren’t taking home anything else with them. Support your school district with sanitization services that ensure clean shared learning devices and mobile devices for take-home. The sanitization experts at Hayes are here to help you protect your staff and students with on-site sanitization, distribution, and collection of learning devices. Learn how Hayes helped 5 school districts in New Jersey to sanitize 1600+ devices in less than 3 days.


Bus Sanitization Services

Safeguard students while they are transported to and from school by relying on sanitization experts. Reduce the risk of cross-contamination on school buses with routine cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing. Ensure your school district’s buses are thoroughly cleaned as frequently as possible with ongoing bus sanitization services.

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We’re Here to Help You Keep Your Staff and Students Safe

Ongoing, On-Call, and Emergency Sanitization 

Scheduled, on-call, or immediately responsive, third-party experts are here to provide support and coverage.  

Clean Data & School District with Physical Inventory  

Conduct a deep cleaning in tandem with a physical inventory so that your data is as clean as your school district 

Our Processes Are Safe for Staff, Students, and the Earth 

Our partners use cleaning products that are safe and green, designed to protect your students’ health without being harmful or harsh. 

We Exceed Industry Standards 

The experts that we work with provide sanitization to hospitals and hospitality that meets and exceeds industry standards to ensure the health and safety of your staff and students.  

Supporting Learning, Virtual or In-Person 

Whether your school district is reopening for in-person or virtual learning (or a hybrid of both), guard your devices and facilities against the threat of COVID-19. 

Maximize School District Resources 

Your custodians work hard all year to keep learning environments and devices clean. Support their efforts and set them up for success throughout the whole year. 

When it comes to your school, we know that safety and cleanliness are of utmost importance. That’s why we provide a complete solution for your school’s entire inventory and facilities.

Gain confidence in your school district’s clean data and rest assured knowing that your devices and facilities are clean, too.