Keep Your Data Clean, And Your District Cleaner

Protect your district from the spread of germs and ensure your students have healthy environment and peace of mind. 


Sanitize & Inventory Assets

Conduct a deep cleaning of your district and sanitize all assets while simultaneously conducting a physical inventory, integrating the most updated information into TIPWeb-IT so that your data can be just as clean as your district

Sanitize Devices for Take-Home

Clean and sanitize each device before they are sent home in the hands of staff and students 


Sanitize Your District & Your Devices

Every building across your district is trafficked by countless staff and students on a frequent basis. Sanitize your district and your devices, including entranceways, high-touch surfaces, and busy classrooms are vulnerable the spread of illness.

Not only is your district supported by trained experts that properly clean and sanitize all facilities and devices, you can clean your school in tandem with a physical inventory. With experienced staff and professional processes that ensure highest industry standards are exceeded, our partners can sanitize your assets and facilities, while performing a physical audit in order to create an accurate baseline inventory.    

By conducting a deep cleaning of your facilities in an adjacent effort, your district can prevent the risk of the spread of germs.   

We work with partners that specialize in deep cleaning hospitals and hotels, industries where patrons rely on experts to create and maintain healthy environments. Ensure the same standard of sanitization for the staff and students in your district. 

Designed to Keep Your Staff and Students Safe

Safe Products 

Our processes/products are safe for staff, students, and the earth 

Exceeding Industry Standards 

The experts we work with provide sanitization to hospitals and hospitality industry 

Maximize Your Resources 

Support the year-long efforts of your custodians to keep your facilities clean 

Deep Clean Facilities 

Provide a clean & safe learning environment to your staff & students 

Sanitize Each Device 

Clean each device before they come home in the hands of staff and students 

Simultaneous Inventory 

Conduct a deep cleaning in tandem with a routine physical inventory 

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Hayes serves customers across the US.

We look forward to talking to you about your inventory management goals and how we can help.