Speed Up Your Inventory Audits

Complete audits 20% faster with TIPWeb-IT with RFID

Quick & Easy Auditing of Hard-to-Reach Assets

TIPWeb-IT with RFID is an inventory control solution designed to make your inventory audits easier, faster, and more accurate. It pairs the power of RFID with the convenience of the TIPWeb-IT asset management system. Save hundreds of hours during your inventory audits by scanning multiple items simultaneously without the need for line-of-sight. Watch audit results update in the TIPWeb-IT software automatically.


How RFID Works

  • Apply unique passive RFID tags to assets

    We’ll help you determine the tags that work best with RFID

  • Initiate an audit in TIPWeb-IT

    This can be done in the TIPWeb-IT software or the TIPWeb-IT with RFID mobile app

  • Perform mobile inventory audits with a handheld RFID reader

    Using the TIPWeb-IT with RFID mobile app on a mobile device

  • Review results and reconcile exceptions

    Audit results sync automatically to TIPWeb-IT

Benefits of RFID

  • Read multiple RFID tags simultaneously

    Eliminate the need to physically scan every asset

  • Eliminate need for line-of-sight scanning

    Quickly inventory hard-to-reach assets, saving you time and hassle

  • 20% reduction in labor-intensive processes

    Reduces a multi-day audit process to only a few hours

  • Perform inventories daily

    Ease of use allows inventories to be conducted more often, improving your inventory data accuracy




TIPWeb-IT with RFID is the first RFID inventory solution specifically designed for K-12 education.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) incorporates a specialized reader which transmits and receives radio waves to communicate with RFID tags applied to your devices.  RFID inventory scanning is designed to be quick and efficient, allowing the user to pick up difficult-to-reach barcodes in a room in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Consider the convenience of inventorying projectors mounted to the ceiling, stacks of laptops in storage, or routers and switches overhead just by being in the same room with them.

RFID is the solution to scaling your inventory audits by addressing the challenges that strain your current processes – limited staff resources, increasing inventory purchases, and an overwhelming number of building locations. School districts love RFID because of streamlined audit processes and the ability to perform the day-to-day tracking of inventory in a single solution, TIPWeb-IT.