Purchasing Information

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The Best Solution for Your District

Our pricing model is based on the number of sites in your school district as well as your choice of add-on products and services. We don’t limit the number of assets or users you can have in the system. And, anyone in your district can contact our customer support team for assistance.

The first step is to have a conversation with our inventory experts to identify your district’s unique needs. We’ll walk you through our products and services and propose a comprehensive solution that will help you achieve your inventory control goals.

Purchasing Cooperatives

We work with the following purchasing cooperatives to provide the best price possible to eligible districts.

Finding the Funds

Well over three quarters of funds secured for our inventory projects are existing funds. These include allocations within school district operating budgets, formula funds, technology funds, or dollars from school district foundations and parent organizations.

5 Steps to Access Existing Funds

The best strategy for accessing existing federal, state, and local funding for the purchase of Hayes Software Systems products is to ensure the costs are included when administrators prepare budgets for these sources.