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MDM vs. Physical Asset Management: What’s the difference, and do I need both?

By Megan White If you’re a district administrator or technology director, it’s likely that your school has recently increased the amount of mobile technology in your classrooms. It’s also likely that you’re anticipating and preparing for the addition of even more devices in the next several years. And undoubtedly, the challenge of tracking and managing those devices in a secure and...

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Rethink Your Technology Budgeting Practices for Today’s High-Tech Classroom

By Anna Maxin The perception of technology in the classroom has evolved from being an unproven cost to a learning enabler, prompting large increases in IT hardware investments in classrooms across the country.  Learning now takes place in a blended environment, utilizing both physical and virtual materials daily.  Unfortunately, while we’ve had a pedagogical shift of how technology should be incorporated...

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Why Building Level Asset Management is the Perfect Complement to Your Fixed Asset System

By Anna Maxin Fixed asset system. Building level asset management system. What’s the difference? Why would a school district ever need both? A fixed asset system is primarily a financial tool designed to manage capital assets above a set monetary threshold to fulfill district accounting needs. A building level asset management system, on the other hand, is the campus counterpart to your fixed...

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Can Better Building Level Asset Management Solve Your Problems?

By Anna Maxin Effectively managing assets critical to instructional and administrative operations is a growing challenge in K-12 schools districts since so many of these assets are no longer “fixed”. Tracking and auditing assets is particularly challenging because of the rapid adoption of technology in the classroom, limited personnel resources, and the short life-cycles of many IT assets. Luckily, a modern school district...

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3 Decisions to Make Before Implementing Inventory Automation Software

By Anna Maxin Automating your physical inventory processes utilizing an enterprise software solution can seem like a daunting task.  Although we make the process as painless as possible (see our Services Experience Infographic), inventory automation can require a significant amount of initial work. In order to guarantee success there are three key decisions to make before you kick off the project.  It doesn't...

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