Case Studies

Patterson USD’s $5 Million 1:1 Initiative Simplified with the Implementation of TIPWeb-IT

Case Study: Patterson USDWith a 1:1 initiative quickly approaching and the district about to purchase nearly 6,000 new Lenovo devices, Patterson Unified School District was eager to find a more efficient way to manage the district’s inventory. With the implementation of TIPWeb-IT, the district has complete oversight into their inventory and reporting functionality when needed, and they are able to provide teachers and students with the technology they need, when they need it.

Read on to learn how Patterson USD:

  • Gained real time visibility and inventory efficiency
  • Decreased staff time spent conducting audits
  • Increased confidence in data and accountability of assets

Neosho School District Streamlines 1:1 With Help of TIPWeb-IT

Case Study: Neosho SDNeosho R-5 School District was eager to implement a 1:1 program, and they had set a goal to get the initiative up and running in a very short time frame. While some school districts allocate years to rolling out a 1:1 initiative plan, Neosho had the ambitious goal to get all 1,400 students at Neosho High School their own device in just six months. Getting Chromebooks into the hands of their 1,400 students in such a short time was a huge accomplishment for the district. Privately, though, Rodney Griffin, Chromebook Coordinator, and his team were struggling with maintaining and tracking the influx of devices.

Read on to learn how Neosho SD:

  • Improved consistency and accuracy of inventory data
  • Decreased staff time spent on tracking 3,600 assets
  • Distributed devices to students in a timely manner

Lockhart ISD’s Search for Technology Assets Across 13 School Buildings in 5 Days

Case Study: Lockhart ISDTransforming the asset inventory practices of Lockhart ISD’s 13 campuses is no small task. The district struggled recording and maintaining accurate inventory numbers, which made planning technology purchases incredibly challenging.

Read on to learn how Lockhart ISD:

  • Decided to utilize experts to create a baseline inventory for 3,485 assets
  • Moved from a PDF file with 7,000 asset items to a web-based inventory control solution
  • Utilized physical inventory services to create a foundation for future success

Dallas ISD Saves Over $900,000 with Increased Inventory Accountability

Case Study: Dallas ISDAt Dallas Independent School District, staff was struggling to continue to use an outdated, DOS-based system from the ’90s to track instructional materials across their 224 schools. The district knew something had to change when a single school recorded a $300,000 inventory loss, and the district was threatened with a lawsuit for the delay students experienced receiving their required textbooks.

See how Dallas ISD:

  • Saved over $900,000 by improving inventory oversight
  • Decreased staff time spent on inventory tracking
  • Improved textbook distribution so now all students receive required materials in a timely manner

Inventory Management Software Reduced Losses at Allen ISD Schools

Case Study: Allen ISDAllen Independent School District was faced with a challenge. One in which their instructional materials losses were higher than they felt was acceptable, and their tracking process was too labor-intensive for the staff resources available.

See how Allen ISD:

  • Improved their inventory processes and time spent
  • Avoided checking out books to students who still had lost books assigned to them
  • Improved functionality by being able to log in from any computer with an internet connection
  • Reduced textbook losses by 75%

Innovative Processes and Technology Combine for Significant Savings at Bowie High School

Bowie Case StudyBowie High School struggled with a textbook checkout process that took parents and students over three hours. Frustrated parents chose to abandon the textbook checkout procedure altogether, resulting in students who came to school unprepared for class and forcing teachers to spend instructional time distributing books. Bowie HS knew they had to improve to ensure teaching and learning weren’t interrupted as a result of their inventory processes.

Read on to learn how Bowie High School:

  • Improved their textbook checkout process from 3 hours to 30 minutes
  • Reduced the number of parents abandoning book check-outs to 0
  • Decreased their inventory loss rates by 68%

Midway Independent School District Implements a 1:1 Program with TIPWeb-IT

Midway ISD Case StudyMidway Independent School District in Waco, TX struggled to track their inventory with an in-house database that siloed information at the district level. Campus staff were so frustrated with processes that they kept their own inventory records in spreadsheets, resulting in inconsistencies between district and campus records. With the launch of a 1:1 initiative looming, Midway ISD knew they needed to improve inventory processes so they could hold students, staff, and campuses accountable for technology assets.

Read on to learn how Midway ISD:

  • Significantly improved the accuracy of and time spent on audits
  • Increased confidence in data and accountability of assets
  • Achieved real-time visibility and improved inventory efficiency