Textbook ROI Calculator

Estimate Your Annual Losses Due to Lost or Damaged Textbooks

This textbook loss estimation is based on real and measurable data captured over 20 years, related to reducing budgeted funds for lost book replacement by incorporating district policy for campus and student accountability.

An automated inventory control solution has the ability to transform your district’s inventory processes. Complete the few fields below, and we’ll show you how much you could save each year with smart inventory management.

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Based upon our past history with districts of all sizes, the first year following inventory management software implementation identifies and maintains a stop-loss scenario. Districts have found that the following years represent the maximum opportunity for ongoing recovered losses, and they attribute these savings to improved tracking. Below, year one assumes a 15% loss reduction, year two assumes a 40% loss reduction, and then every year thereafter assumes a 50% loss reduction.

These savings can be achieved with the right people, the right processes, and the right tool providing you with accurate inventory information. Creating a complete inventory management program across an organization helps you accelerate time to value, mitigate risk, and achieve better ROI.

Below, check out a list of policies and tools that can contribute to the savings you see above.