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Three Tactics to Set Your District Up for Success

Broken devices don’t have to break the bank…

It’s that time of year again! The sun may be shining outside, but inside the walls of your campus, it’s the perfect storm. Students are heading back to school, parents scrambling to make it through their school supply checklists, and district staff is preparing technology to deploy out to students.

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Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Inventory Services

Now more than ever, technology is being used as a powerful tool for education in classrooms across the nation. As schools gain more valuable assets that enhance education, inventory needs are increasing rapidly. It’s important to develop lasting organizational strategies to manage the resources needed to build a well-rounded learning environment. 

Deploying an inventory strategy is essential when it comes to initially distributing assets, but also maintaining transparency throughout the lifetime of each asset. Unfortunately, inventory management is not without its challenges. Administrators and staff are already overwhelmed, losses can cost enormous amounts of money and time, and disorganization can result in vulnerability or in losing track of categorically funded assets. Additionally, manual data tracking leads to errors and other logistical nightmares.

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Top-Notch Programs for Top-Notch Tools

The education landscape is changing, and at Hayes, we love being part of it!


A couple of weeks ago, Education Dive published a piece by Marquitta Mitchell of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina.Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools have been customers of Hayes Software Systems since 2017, utilizing our TIPWeb-IT & TIPWeb-IM to efficiently manage their assets and inventory.

In the article, Marquitta shares some of the challenges and successes that the district has encountered in their 1:1 initiative, and educator Kevin Poirier from West Charlotte High School weighs in on how they’ve used Hayes to streamline their system Continue reading “Top-Notch Programs for Top-Notch Tools”

How to Maintain Your K-12 Help Desk Knowledge Base

Maintain your K-12 help desk knowledge base by making content evaluation and creation a regular task for your team.


Knowledge Base WebsiteGetting your help desk knowledge base up and running is a great accomplishment – give your team a round of high fives! You’ve created a powerful resource to deliver immediate answers to your students, teachers, and staff through their preferred channel – your web-based help desk user portal. According to Forrester, 72% of customers prefer to find answers via a website rather than phone or email.
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How to Create a Knowledge Base for Your K-12 Help Desk

Create a help desk knowledge base to reduce ticket volume and empower customers to resolve issues independently.

Create a Help Desk Knowledge Base

If you’re like most K-12 technical support teams, the number of assets you support is ballooning while your budget remains the same (or shrinks!). In any given day, it feels like you receive more tickets than you resolve and you’re always chasing the goal of clearing the queue. In these cases, one of the best investments you can make is the creation of a help desk knowledge base.

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3 Best Practices to Manage School Help Desk Tickets

School technology staff should follow these best practices when working in your help desk ticketing system.

By Gena Blankenship

Help desk ticketing systems are a great tool to streamline the daily management of school help desk tickets from teachers, students, and school administrators. They also hold a goldmine of data that you can use to drive decisions to provide the best technology possible for staff and students.
To make use of this data, you need to establish clear, standardized procedures that your technology staff can execute. Creating consistencies in processes and ticket data will allow you to identify SLA compliance, product issues, technician efficiency, and much more. Continue reading “3 Best Practices to Manage School Help Desk Tickets”

How BIG is Your Inventory Responsibility? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Find your district’s total inventory value below to understand the scale of your inventory responsibility.

School districts own and support more inventory than ever. With that comes a large responsibility to track, manage, and audit your inventory to ensure you’re being good stewards of taxpayer dollars. Find your district’s inventory value below to understand how large that responsibility is.

Inventory management tools can ease the burden of this responsibility by making processes easier and more efficient. Talk with one of our experts today to learn how Hayes can help. Continue reading “How BIG is Your Inventory Responsibility? [INFOGRAPHIC]”

Meet the Hayes Team: John Mellios

By Jordan Grulkejohn staff profile

Before joining the Hayes team as Director of Client Services, John Mellios worked in education for 16 years. He started his career after graduating college at Oakland Unified School District (CA). Here he worked as an AmeriCorps member in three schools in Oakland USD (CA), providing oversight and technical support, and installing fiber optic networks and technology in each school. He then transitioned onto the administrative side and managed technology within the same district. Finally, John moved to Chicago to be closer to family, serving the role of Director of Educational Technology and Tools at Chicago Public Schools for five years. Continue reading “Meet the Hayes Team: John Mellios”

The 3 Types of Inventory Audits That Will Boost Your Data Accuracy

Performing these 3 types of inventory audits throughout the year will improve your data accuracy and usability.

The 3 Types of Inventory Audits that will Boost your Data Accuracy

By Gena Blankenship

School districts need to know where their assets are at all times, and a reliable inventory tracking system is the first step to having great data at your fingertips. The next step…audits! One of the best ways to boost the accuracy of your inventory data is to complete these three types of inventory audits throughout the year.

1. Real-Time Audits

  • Completed on a regular schedule
  • Completed at random locations
  • Take less than 20 minutes to complete

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The Best Time of Year to Conduct an Inventory Audit (Hint: It’s not May!)

Think you know the best time to audit inventory? Consider these 5 reasons to change your audit schedule.

Best time to audit inventory like desks and chairs at a school

By Gena Blankenship

Many districts complete inventory audits at the end of the academic school year when staff, teachers, and students are already stressed to the max. Often, crazy schedules and competing priorities cause the audit to go undone, forcing you to use inaccurate and outdated inventory information to plan for the coming year. Is that really the best time to audit inventory?

In my experience, completing your inventory audit in the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is much easier for all involved. Here are 5 reasons you should consider conducting your audits in late fall, instead of the end of the academic year. Continue reading “The Best Time of Year to Conduct an Inventory Audit (Hint: It’s not May!)”