5 Steps to Establish a Routine Sanitization Program

Hear from an expert: Audra Stockman, VP of Operations at Xclusive Services


Schools everywhere are reopening for the academic year, and district administrators, technicians, and educators are swimming in projects. Whether the school is reopening in person, virtually, or taking a hybrid approach, educators are busy preparing devices, classrooms, and new learning strategies. Establishing a routine sanitization program is paramount.

Here are a few steps to keep ongoing sanitization top-ofmind and manageable: 


1. Establish a cadence

We know sanitization is crucial, but the next step is determining how often we should sanitize. Each school district’s frequent cleaning and disinfecting needs may vary, and we recommend ongoing and frequent sanitization. After the initial sanitization of all buildings, devices, and buses in a school, develop a standard cadence for daily sanitization of all routinely used facilities. 

Optimally, organize daily sanitization of school facilities, or even more regularly. If daily, thorough sanitization of entire buildings is not possible, prioritize high-risk, high-touch, and high- traffic areas at high-activity intervals throughout school days. 

2. Prioritize high-traffic areas

To safely reopen learning spaces, and keep them open, schools must ensure specific areas are cleaned and sanitized. Frequently trafficked buildings, entranceways, high-touch surfaces, and busy classrooms are vulnerable to the spread of germs. Prioritize areas such as: 

      • Classrooms 
      • Restrooms
      • Lockers 
      • Cafeterias 
      • Hallways 
      • Playgrounds 
      • Buses 

For a deeper dive into some of the high-risk, high-touch areas of your schools, check out the recommended sanitization processes in our previous post, The Importance of Sanitizing High-Touch Areas. 

3. Increase Understanding & Awareness 

We learn more about COVID-19 and the way it spreads every day. Recent research has suggested we don’t just transfer COVID-19 by coughing or heavy breathing, but even regular interactions like simply talking can aerosolize the virus.  Once the virus is in the air, it can settle on any surface in the room.  In the absence of medical-grade air purification systems, routinely cleaning surfaces is the best way to reduce the risk of transmission.  

While we deepen our understanding of the threat COVID-19 poses to our communities, we can become reacquainted with fundamentals, such as the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. For more details, check out this article by the Vice President of Business Development at Xclusive Services, with more information about the differences between cleaning and disinfecting.  

4. Gather Resources

As you prepare to reopen for the upcoming academic year, we can help you develop guidelines, processes, and strategies to create and maintain a safe environment for students and staff. 

In partnership with industry experts at Xclusive Services, Hayes developed a document with detailed sanitization processes, procedures, and recommended strategies to meet the needs of schools.  

5. Rely on third-party support 

Routine sanitization will eliminate the risk of breakouts or any unwanted bacteria and viruses lingering.  By preventing outbreaks before they occur, students and staff can focus on learning, and administrators can avoid the distractions and costs associated with emergency cleaning. 

Hayes Software Systems has partnered with industry-leading sanitization experts at Xclusive to protect schools’ health and safety across the nationLearn more about the Sanitization Solutions that you can take advantage of to support your school districts. 

Remember that our team is here to support you. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you need anything! We’re committed to helping districts, and we are in this together. 

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Audra Stockman is the Vice President of Operations for Xclusive Services, an industry-leading cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitization staffing company. Audra has managed sanitization, cleaning, and disinfecting services across industries, including K-12, Hospitality, and Medical. Audra and her team hold accreditations from Johns Hopkins, ISSA, and OSHA. 

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