ICYMI: Sanitization Webinar: How to Reopen Schools Safely

On July 30th, school administrators gathered virtually to discuss sanitization processes for reopening. Hayes Software Systems hosted a webinar to explore what the “new” back-to-school might look like for schools across the nation.  


Special guest Audra Stockman, Vice President of Operations for Xclusive Janitorial Services, outlined comprehensive recommendations for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting each high-risk area across school facilities. The team at Xclusive Janitorial Services holds accreditations from Johns Hopkins, ISSA, and OSHA. With over 30,000 employees, EPA-approved green products, and a history of service in hospitals and hotels, Xclusive meets and exceeds industry standards. 

In this conversation, we discussed best practices, strategies, and recommended procedures for sanitizing technology devices, buses, school facilities, and high-touch areas/surfaces. Audra detailed how her team approaches cleaning classrooms, auditoriums, cafeterias, playgrounds, athletic facilities, and more. 

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“This is an overwhelming time,” said Audra when outlining the exhaustive processes that her team undergoes to thoroughly sanitize, clean, and disinfect each area that staff, and students interact within their learning environment. “We want to make sure our kiddos are safe.”


AnnaMaria Gallozzi, Solutions Engineer at Hayes Software Systems, led the webinar. Hayes has been supporting educators with inventory solutions and services since 1990. Our team is dedicated to helping school districts establish a baseline for assets and materials while ensuring that staff and students’ health is protected.  

We highly recommend a no-touch distribution,” said AnnaMaria Gallozzi. Aside from cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting, we want to make sure those mobile devices are sanitized and distributed safely…. You want to know what you have and how it is currently being used, so having a system to track that can give you peace of mind.”

TIPWeb-IT coupled with GetHelp allows school districts to safely distribute and support learning devices, whether schools are virtual, hybrid, or both.  If you missed the webinar, don’t worry! We recorded it so that you could still tune in. Check it out! 

About Audra Stockman

Audra Stockman is the Vice President of Operations for Xclusive Janitorial Services, an industry-leading cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitization staffing company. Audra has managed sanitization, cleaning, and disinfecting services across industries, including K-12, Hospitality, and Medical. Audra and her team hold accreditations from John Hopkins, ISSA, and OSHA.

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About AnnaMaria Gallozzi

AnnaMaria Gallozzi is a Solutions Engineer at Hayes Software Systems, who helps school districts across the country  manage their resources more efficiently.  She manages Hayes Software Systems services, such as Physical Inventory, RFID, and Sanitization services. AnnaMaria and her team help over 9,000 schools and 35 of the 100 largest school districts in the United States.  

About Sanitization Services 

Hayes partners with industry-leading sanitization experts at Xclusive Janitorial to protect schools’ health and safety across the nation. Hayes provides full building sanitization, sanitization of high touch areas, bus sanitization, mobile device sanitization, emergency COVID-19 responses, and any other area that needs sanitization for buildings to reopen safely.


Learn more about how your can support a safe reopening effort this academic year by contacting us today! 

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