What’s the Difference Between Cleaning vs. Disinfecting?

Hear from an expert: Matthew Bell, CMHS


What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting? In a new environment shaped by COVID-19, we have an acute awareness of the spread of germs.  However, no matter how conscientious and diligent we are, better understanding and knowledge is the most critical defense we have.

The first step is to define the differences between cleaning and disinfecting. The Center for Disease Control [CDC] describes the following:

  • Cleaning is “the removal of dirt and impurities, including germs, from surfaces. Cleaning alone does not kill germs. But by removing the germs, it decreases their number and therefore any risk of spreading infection [is decreased].” Cleaning removes dirt, dust, and debris from a surface, so while not killing germs, it does remove some germs reducing infection risk.
  • Disinfecting “by using chemicals, for example EPA-registered disinfectants, to kill germs on surfaces. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs. But killing germs remaining on a surface after cleaning further reduces any risk of spreading infection.” The act of disinfecting kills germs, when the right chemical is used.

Now that we understand the actions of cleaning and disinfecting, we can better understand the chemicals themselves. Cleaning agents may be useful when removing dirt from surfaces, but if we are focused on removing pathogens, like bacteria or viruses, we should concentrate on the enabled chemicals.  A disinfectant is a substance or mixture of substances which has properties that, combined with the correct dwell time, kill or render inactive all bacteria, fungi, and viruses. In order for a surface to be properly disinfected, surfaces need to be properly cleaned. Both steps are essential, so it is a two-step process.

Ultimately, when service providers are working with school districts, they should be cleaning AND disinfecting. Ensure that they are using an EPA-listed disinfectant chemical, the proper procedures such as dwell time and hygienic removal.

For more information, check out the EPA’s website to understand the classification of chemicals.  In a time such as the COVID19 pandemic, one specific link to reference is: https://www.epa.gov/pesticide-registration/list-n-disinfectants-use-against-sars-cov-2

When it comes to your district, we know that safety and cleanliness are of utmost importance. That’s why we provide a complete solution for your district to ensure your entire inventory and facilities are sanitized.

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Matthew is a graduate of New Mexico State University having earn his degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management. He also holds several designations from the American Hotel and Lodging Association including Certified Rooms Division Executive and Certified Hotel Master Supplier. He is happily married to his wife Kimberly Bell and is a proud father to his son Jackson Bell.

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