Cherry Creek Uncovers $30,000 Worth of Surplus Assets in 6 Months

After six months of using TIPWeb-IT, Cherry Creek School District repurposed approximately $30,000 worth of equipment.

Before implementing TIPWeb-IT, the district didn’t have a way to track assets at all. In fact, they didn’t track anything at the district level. “Schools managed it the best they could using any method that they had. From a district perspective, we didn’t manage it at all,” said Huy.

With no way to know what assets they had, Cherry Creek couldn’t have anticipated their surplus before adopting TIPWeb-IT. But within six months of implementing an asset management system, they saw a return on their investment.


Huy Tran, Director of Technology Services, describes how TIPWeb-IT has helped schools across his district:

“Since we’ve implemented asset management, we’ve been able to really understand what we have as far as surplus, and really being able to repurpose. So in our first six months, we repurposed approximately $30,000 worth of equipment.”


With no asset management system, districts are vulnerable to waste and gaps in understanding what assets they have. In Cherry Creek’s case, the districts had no idea what equipment was at each school, and schools had no way to share equipment between themselves. Now, Cherry Creek School District knows exactly what they have, where each asset is, and how it’s being used. This enables them to reallocate valuable resources and ultimately save time and money.


What is Huy’s favorite part of working with Hayes Software Systems?

“The support,” he says. “Anytime we call, we get a really good response.”

Hear more about why our customers love working with the people at Hayes Software Systems by checking out this video.


Hayes Software Systems has been working with school districts like Cherry Creek in order to save time, money, and resources since 1990. We are dedicated to the success of districts just like yours. Learn more about how TIPWeb-IT can help your district!

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