Meet the Hayes Team: Ryan Gross

Ryan ProfileBy Jordan Grulke

Ryan Gross, a 17-year science teacher turned National Account Manager, is one of Hayes Software Systems’s excellent employees. Ryan worked in Pflugerville Independent School District (TX) for ten years as a science teacher before moving to Leander Independent School District (TX) for seven years.As an educator, Ryan used textbooks and technology assets in the classroom, overseeing both the distribution and collection of these materials. While working in some districts, Ryan went through the process of inventorying textbooks by manually writing down barcode numbers. This experience highlighted the inefficiencies of taking inventory manually, especially when Ryan had the opportunity to use TIPWeb-IM, Hayes’s textbook management system, at another district.

Hayes’s values align with Ryan’s personal beliefs that he and other employees are here to support and improve the ways students are educated. This alignment inspires Ryan to work hard every day. Ryan is adamant about Hayes’s priorities: “our main focus is bringing efficiency to school districts and helping them to do whatever they can to make students’ lives better.” The general atmosphere in the office encourages conversation and collaboration, which Ryan names as one of his favorite aspects of Hayes (along with the free snacks in the kitchen).

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