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If you contact our customer support team via email or we miss your phone call, be assured your case is logged in the order it is received and we resolve cases in that order. Read on for more frequently asked questions posed to our support team.

When can I contact the customer support?
Via Phone, 800‐495‐5993:  Monday through Friday from 7:30AM – 6PM (CST)

Via Email, Anytime

In general, what information do I need to provide customer support?
To expedite your resolution, please provide us with:

  • Your Name
  • Your District & Campus Name
  • Hayes Software Systems Product Name
  • Phone Number (best one to reach you at)
  • Description of the issue
  • Optional – an alternate phone number and/or person to reach if you are unavailable
  • Complete error message and steps taken that produced error.

What happens after I leave a product support message?
New messages become a "support case" once they are added to our computerized support database. Cases are placed in a holding queue based on the time the message is received. The next available support team member addresses the oldest case in the holding queue.

How quickly can I expect to be called back by a support team member?
We log your issue in the order it was received and return calls in that order. Every effort is made to handle support issues as quickly as possible, certainly within the same day if reported prior to noon. More complex issues may require special attention and could take longer to research a solution. In those cases, you will get a call letting you know what we are doing to address your issue.

What happens if I'm not at my desk when a support team member calls me back?
We will leave a message on your voicemail or with a clerk letting you know we called. If it was provided to us, we will then attempt to contact your alternate contact person and/or call your cell phone. Customers responding to a returned call receive first priority.

Is there a difference between leaving my message with a receptionist or on the voicemail system?
There is no difference in how the message is handled and given to a support team member. All support issues are addressed on a first‐come, first‐served basis. The quicker we know about your issue, the faster you will receive a call back.

I keep calling the support 800 number and getting the voicemail system, why doesn't a receptionist answer?
While it is our goal to personally answer every call, it is not always possible. Our receptionists answer calls, taking down all the information our trained support team needs in order to assist you. When you receive our voicemail, choosing to not leaving a voicemail message is not your best option for the fastest support. Please leave a voicemail message so your issue can be routed to the support team as quickly as possible.

How often will the support voicemail system be checked?
Hayes Software Systems' staff will check the support voicemail system every five to ten minutes from 7:30AM to 5:30PM (CST), Monday through Friday.