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4 Reasons Your Homegrown Inventory Management System Will Fail

Published by Emily Frazier at August 15, 2017 | Categories: Infographic

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your homegrown inventory management system. You built it because your district didn’t find existing software that met your unique needs. However, while the advantages of a custom-designed system can be alluring at first, the risks and costs over time exceed the initial benefits.

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6 Tips for Creating an Instructional Material Procedure Manual at Your School District

Published by Jessica Zaleski at March 25, 2016 | Categories: Instructional Materials

We’ve enlisted Cherie Crews, the District Instructional Resources Specialist at Keller ISD for the past 11 years, to give her insight into how districts can develop a policy and procedure manual to reveal important information to district staff. Read on as Cherie shares the top six tips she’s learned while creating and updating Keller ISD’s manual for the past three years.

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3 Inventory Management Onboarding Best Practices From District Textbook Coordinators

Published by Jessica Zaleski at August 6, 2015 | Categories: Instructional Materials, Quick Tips

To start the year off on the right foot, we recommend you take another look at your onboarding process. A comprehensive onboarding program for employees will ensure your inventory management procedures are understood and correctly carried out by those new to the role this year (or those who need a refresher!). Here are some ideas you might consider including that other textbook coordinators have successfully implemented in their districts.

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5 End of School Year Tips for Successful Textbook Inventory Management

Published by Jessica Zaleski at May 12, 2015 | Categories: Instructional Materials, Quick Tips

As the semester winds down, school district instructional materials coordinators begin looking ahead to their end of year processes. With everything that your campuses need to complete this time of year, you may start to feel overwhelmed about getting your coordinators to quickly accomplish these processes. But fear not! We’ve compiled a list of best practices that will help you ensure campus staff know expectations and account for their materials as efficiently as possible.

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