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How to Succeed with Inventory Management at Your District: Change Management

Published by Jessica Zaleski at March 10, 2016

K-12 inventory management is quickly becoming a priority to apply change management processes to. State standardized testing, funding requirements for programs like E-rate, compliance with state mandates, and the prevalence of 1:1 initiatives all push the boundaries of how school districts have operated in the past. Typically we see districts create sustainable change management surrounding their inventory control initiatives by focusing on these six areas: leadership, a shared vision, skills, resources, incentives. and strategy.

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How Your Ideas Become a Part of Our Software in 5 Steps

Published by Jessica Zaleski at January 28, 2015 | Categories: Inside Hayes, IT Asset Management

New features and usability enhancements are added to our products as the result of suggestions from district and school level staff who perform these important inventory tasks every day. Here's how we do it.

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Expanded Inventory Control Services

Published by Debbie Disler at June 13, 2013 | Categories: Inside Hayes

We’ve been offering services that have had a positive, lasting impact on school district operations for over 23 years.  With our extensive experience, we understand that school district inventory control is an ever changing process of meeting current, relevant initiative goals.  With this in mind, we are constantly reevaluating how we communicate and deliver our consulting and training services to clients to most effectively solve their unique challenges.

Today, we are bringing you an expanded version of our service offerings. You can see the details and request more information at the new Services section of our website, however we’ll answer a few common questions below.

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The Hayes Software Systems Services Experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

Published by Anna Maxin at December 20, 2012 | Categories: Infographic

Hayes Software Systems’ number one goal is to make your job easier.  Everyone, from developer to customer support, is dedicated to making sure every member of the Hayes family has an amazing experience.  Making happy customers is the most important thing that we do. This goal has driven us to develop a service and support experience that sets the standard in our industry. The infographic below gives you a comprehensive overview of what is available to members of the Hayes Software family throughout all stages of their use cycle.  Whether you’re a new customer,…

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