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5 End of School Year Tips for Successful Textbook Inventory Management

Published by Jessica Zaleski at May 12, 2015 | Categories: Instructional Materials, Quick Tips

As the semester winds down, school district instructional materials coordinators begin looking ahead to their end of year processes. With everything that your campuses need to complete this time of year, you may start to feel overwhelmed about getting your coordinators to quickly accomplish these processes. But fear not! We’ve compiled a list of best practices that will help you ensure campus staff know expectations and account for their materials as efficiently as possible.

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5 Inventory System Integration Trends You Need to Know About - Part One: Help Desk

Published by Jessica Zaleski at May 6, 2015 | Categories: IT Asset Management, Quick Tips

It’s not uncommon for us to discuss with school districts the differences between a help desk system and an inventory management system. A lot of districts are struggling to use their help desk tool to perform inventory control tasks, but they fall short when it comes to recording purchase history, tracking life cycle details, and offering audit capabilities, to name a few critical inventory needs for budgeting, planning, and daily management.

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Barcodes: Necessary Feature or Textbook Inventory Management Roadblock?

Published by Jessica Zaleski at April 1, 2015 | Categories: Instructional Materials

There are important situations where barcode scanning is an important feature for your inventory management solution. In a school where textbooks are individually assigned to students or teachers, it is critical for accountability to have the capability to identify each individual book and its “owner” by the unique barcode number. But there are as many, if not more, scenarios where tracking instructional materials by a unique barcode is more of a hindrance than help.

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Quick Guide to E-rate 2.0 Compliance for Schools

Published by Jessica Zaleski at March 24, 2015 | Categories: IT Asset Management

E-rate 2.0 is here, and there are some important changes that might help you and your district provide broadband connectivity to your students, and increase the reach of digital learning in your classrooms.

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Instructional Material Contract Negotiations 101

Published by Jessica Zaleski at March 11, 2015 | Categories: Instructional Materials

Contract negotiations for new instructional material adoptions can have a huge impact on the inventory processes of a district, and with many districts depending on the Teaching & Learning Curriculum Department or Purchasing Department to handle contracts with vendors, it’s not uncommon for the district inventory manager to miss out on some important details of the contract negotiations they can have an impact on.

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