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District Textbook Coordinators

The TIPWeb Inventory Control Platform provides textbook coordinators with the ability to automate time consuming tasks involved with tracking textbooks to increase efficiency and reduce time spent.

TIPWeb-IM Textbook Management Solution

Ensure students and teachers have the materials for success with an effective textbook tracking program.  Increase accountability at your campuses by identifying lost items to easily collect fines from students.

TIPWeb-IM will ensure communication and accountability for each function of textbook management. From teacher and student distributions, to lost book tracking and inventory control – TIPWeb-IM is made specifically to address all facets of the textbook management process.

Here are some benefits of effective textbook tracking utilizing TIPWeb-IM:

  • Purchase earlier and more accurately by having quick access to eligibility counts directly from your student information system (SIS).
  • Easily view textbook quantities at all sites across your district to identify when materials are available to be utilized elsewhere.
  • Increase efficiency by implementing a system designed from the ground up for managing instructional materials to improve processes and time spent.

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Textbook Tracking Case Study