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District Administrator

The TIPWeb Inventory Control Platform is designed to help district administrators automate labor intensive tasks to increase efficiency and district oversight.

TIPWeb-IT Asset Management Solution

Meet the asset movement demands of modern school districts with a building level asset management solution designed to track items down to the student and teacher level.  Have access to the data required for a complete, 360 degree view of building assets to more easily evaluate their effectiveness in supporting learning initiatives.

Here are some benefits of effective asset management utilizing TIPWeb-IT:

  • Easily perform internal audits to ensure asset location and status data remains accurate for reporting needs.
  • Improve district reporting by consolidating data from disparate systems, increasing information access at the district level.
  • Effectively manage risks assumed with owning technology assets by managing the distinct funding sources of assets.

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TIPWeb-IM Textbook Management Solution

Ensure students and teachers have the materials for success with an effective textbook management program.  Effectively manage instructional material inventory for a clear picture of inventory location and usage across each building to make informed decisions about the need for additional inventory purchases.     

Here are some benefits of effective textbook management utilizing TIPWeb-IM:

  • Reduce instructional material losses by accounting for purchased materials through increased transparency and data access.
  • Provide positive ROI justification by implementing a solution that scales with your district and frees up budget dollars by reducing instructional material spending.
  • Increase staff efficiency by implementing a system designed from the ground up for managing instructional materials to improve time spent.

Learn more about TIPWeb-IM Textbook Management Software >>

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