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Professional Services

Utilizing more than 100 years of combined experience, our services team will provide inventory control related services that are proven to increase efficiency, mitigate risk and decrease costs. From long time clients to brand new customers, Hayes Software Systems offers consulting and staffing services designed to achieve inventory control goals by addressing key challenges administrators face daily.

We aim to deliver a lasting solution by implementing a strong strategic foundation. Combining change, program, and performance management with staff professional development, our team will provide you with long-term, actionable plans to address the inventory control challenges you are facing.

Everything starts with a problem that needs solving. Our approach is about getting to know your district; understanding your mission and your goals to craft a solution that meets your specific needs. 

We know every school district manages their instructional resources differently, from each deployment of technology devices to instructional material accountability procedures. As former educators, Hayes service team members have extensive experience navigating district policy to provide insightful solutions to challenging circumstances. 

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What problems are you facing?

Our solutions are designed to align with key problems faced by district administrators.  Addressing the following core action areas can streamline district processes and provide an efficient vehicle to achieve your district’s strategic vision.

Acquisition Process

Central access to real-time data is paramount to the purchasing process of school districts – our process management and planning guidance is designed to outline a suitable inventory request and approval process designed to maximize existing investments and provide for advanced ordering capabilities.

Data Quality

Without accurate data, administrators aren’t able to make confident, informed decisions or respond to reporting needs – our quality assurance assessment will identify areas of risk, improvement, and core best practices needed for data accuracy.

Asset Location

Operational resources are inevitably going to move around within your buildings, and sometimes around your district.  Items purchased with specific grant money, E-Rate, or federal funds such as Title I must remain at their specified campuses – our policy and procedure discovery sessions are designed to evaluate your current program and develop practices to ensure items are accounted for appropriately.


Policy and Procedure Development

Align people, process, and technology with your strategic priorities. It also increases efficiency across the board, so your organization can focus resources on activities with the highest value.

Change Management

People are the most important and are often overlooked as part of any technology initiative. HSS consultants can help districts successfully adopt new mindsets, processes and technologies to help staff make the transition successfully.

Process Improvement

All organizations need effort to improve and achieve goals on a continuous basis. Hayes Software Systems is committed to working with you long term to help you succeed. HSS consultants will check in with you periodically to make sure you are achieving your goals, and provide any additional consulting or documentation needed.

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Inventory Reconciliation

Creating a baseline inventory, validating existing asset listings, and tagging new or existing assets can be an overwhelming and time consuming process. Allow your district to focus on the implementation of TIPWeb while HSS addresses the more labor-intensive processes. Let our expert team and experienced consultants discuss your specific needs and meet the unique goals, timeline, and budget of your district.

The Hayes implementation team focuses on addressing key challenges faced by your district to develop an in-depth understanding of specific program needs and the goals that drive them. We offer options to help schools and school districts to promote user adoption, improve program and process effectiveness, and optimize resources to achieve established goals. 

Enterprise Implementation Essentials

Hayes Software Systems understands the importance of strong project management for successful implementation of our technology solutions. Having worked extensively with school districts of various sizes throughout the country, Hayes' project management methodology takes into account the unique complexities and challenges. We understand the staffing, equipment, and management resource challenges affecting school districts and we build a customized work plan to accommodate those needs.

See Your Complete Guide to the Hayes Software Systems Services Experience with the Enterprise Implementation Plan

Hayes Software Systems Project Management Methodology

Our Project Management Approach:

  • Develops a detailed and transparent project work plan, and updating stakeholders on our progress towards completing the project deliverables
  • Hosts regular status meetings to review project progress and milestones achieved, and to address project issues and risks
  • Maintains a proactive approach to identifying and overcoming risks and obstacles to complete the project successfully and on time
  • Implements a QA process to ensure accurate data conversions, align data interfaces, and implement application security protocols

Prepare people for their new inventory management roles with training and certification. With expertise and best practices, our services team provides customers with the skills and knowledge needed to take full advantage of our software programs. From long time clients to brand new customers, Hayes Software Systems offers training services designed to provide participants with the necessary skills to manage the software independently as it fits their inventory management responsibilities.

Training Options

We offer multiple training options designed to meet your needs and budget.

On-Site Training

On-site training provides participants the advantage of gaining a practical understanding of the solutions functionality through extensive hands-on exercises. Scheduled personally for your district, both administrative and site view trainings will focus on how to best align TIPWeb with those tasked with managing and maintaining the integrity of your inventory system. 

Personalized Webcast Training

To accommodate multiple learning styles and varying environments, persoanlized webcast trainings are provided for districts looking for focused training done virtually. Scheduled personally for your district and based around your availability, personalized webcast training is customized to be unique to your district's goals and objectives. These sessions are comprehensive, engaging, and are guided by a powerful agenda to ensure users are ready to go and understand the aspects and functionality of TIPWeb.

Train-the-Trainer Certification

Certify district personnel in the hands-on training methods and product knowledge necessary to administer product training to campus users as needed. This four-day training program will prepare a district trainer to administer their own training of the campus view of TIPWeb to ensure the long-term adoption of the system as staff turnover and internal processes change.

Subject Matter Expert Program

Train district staff members to use the campus view of TIPWeb, and then how to train their campus inventory control/asset management/instructional material coordinators in how to use the software. Over the course of two days, this program includes a thorough training, as well as overall best practices regarding training TIPWeb campus level staff. 

Pre-Scheduled TIPWeb-IT Webcast Training

Through live, virtual training sessions, you'll attend scheduled webcasts to review TIPWeb-IT and understand the aspects and functionality of the solution from both the administrative and site views. Accessible from your home or office, we'll review typical industry practices while interactively guiding you through the application. Share your processes with our instructors and other districts from across the country, while we review and demonstrate the components of TIPWeb-IT.

Hayes Software Systems implementation consultants have real world experience in planning and performing solution optimization tasks that focus on meeting your unique needs today with a focus on building towards the future. Hayes can help your district reduce the time, cost, and risk of transforming their inventory records into our TIPWeb solutions. Our expert consultants can help you with every phase of deploying TIPWeb with system optimization at the forefront of solution delivery.

Instruction Material Management System Optimization:

  • Create user accounts for district view and campus view
  • Consultation and data load of course/book relationships
  • Create and assign: bin locations to titles; regions to sites; adopted materials to sites; and material types to titles
  • Load component materials for ISBN's
  • Add book jacket images to instructional materials

Asset Management System Optimization:

  • Create user accounts for admin view and site view
  • Consultation and data load: charge types; hardware types; custom fields
  • Create and assign accessories to products
  • Load funding sources, manufacturers, vendors, rooms, and room types
  • Add asset product images