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Help Desk Software for School Districts – GetHelp

Overcoming customer support challenges in school districts continues to grow as the number of assets increases while support staff stays the same. Help improve your district's efficiency and customer service with GetHelp, a help desk system equipped with asset management capabilities, designed specifically to support the unique needs of K-12 schools. 

Align your asset management goals so you can ensure your team stays consistent and organized. Whether it's helping to speed up your workflow or reducing your district's ticket volume, with GetHelp you've got the support you need to automate and centralize your IT asset management needs.


Support Your Students, Staff, and District with this Cloud-Based Solution

With school districts managing more assets than ever before, it's become increasingly difficult to keep up with all the support requests you get every day. Even more challenging is trying to ensure you have quick access to information about your school's inventory like where it's been and how it's being used.

That's why we created GetHelp, a help desk product that integrates directly with our school asset management software, TIPWeb-IT, so you can manage your inventory with confidence and efficiency. Eliminate the stress and error that come from manually managing requests that lead to sticky notes, unread emails, problems falling through the cracks, and frustrated IT technicians who have no way to track or prioritize their work.

Provide Exceptional Customer Support

Teachers, staff, and students shouldn't be spending their time troubleshooting repairs. GetHelp allows your support team to respond to requests with speed and ease, so you can ensure they stay focused on what really matters–teaching and learning.

Reduce IT Expenses and Costs

With the amount of technology increasing in school districts across the country, now more than ever, it's critical for an IT support team to remain efficient even when IT spending is reduced.

Increase IT Staff Productivity

IT staff is vital to the overall operational health and efficiency of a district. Be sure to provide your team with the tools and procedures necessary to keep everyone on task and productive.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Report on efficiencies to gain greater visibility and centralized control over support requests from creation to resolution.

Quickly view details about your asset 

Managing the use, availability, and health of your district's technology assets is a growing responsibility. With GetHelp, simplify and streamline your district's inventory tracking by quickly viewing details about your assets like, where it is and how it's being used, all while resolving ticket requests.

Tired of logging in and out of separate systems? Information from GetHelp will display in TIPWeb-IT to provide you with a complete overview of all tickets, current and historical, that have been opened for assets.

1:1 Initiative

1:1 Initiative

TIPWeb-IT Integration

Automate your IT processes and activity by quickly viewing details about your asset like its serial number and where it's located in your district.

Ticket Management

Easily manage the assignment of your district's requests and prioritize issues by things like problem type and status.

Cloud Based

Access this secure, cloud-based system with ease from any device with an internet connection.

Reporting Capabilities

Export ticket details and gain access to inventory details that allow for better and more accurate decision making.

Email Notifications

Increase efficiency and create a clear line of communication by sending email notifications whenever a ticket is created or updated.