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Barcode Reader

TIPWeb software offers campus level functionality to account for the real-time inventory of your instructional material resources. TIPWeb gives school staff complete control over automating the temporary assignment of everything from student and teacher textbooks to resource kits.

  • Assign. Track material assignment to students and teachers using a handheld scanner and barcodes placed on each item for accountability and retention.
  • Audit. View the current student history record while assigning items to identify previously lost items, outstanding fines, or duplicate assignments for that student.
  • Inform. Produce distribution receipts with a signature line for the student or parent to acknowledge all materials assigned to a student, the value of those items, and the policy to return those items.
  • Check. Perform student book checks by class with the Class Roster Book Check report to identify losses and collect payment throughout the year.
  • Recover. Create and print customized lost book letters, pre-formatted for mailing, to support the collecting of fines at the campus level.
  • Collect. Record and manage payments collected for lost and damaged items.


Hayes Software Systems sells attached and portable scanners for TIPWeb. Both are easy to use, will reduce human error, cut out tedious manual data entry, and speed up the inventory process.

Image of SYMBOL LS2208

Image of JANAM XP20

Symbol LS2208

Socket CHS 7Ci

USB Corded Scanner

Bluetooth Scanner

$189.00 + shipping and handling

$275.00 + shipping and handling

The attached scanner is easy to use and equipped with a USB interface that connects directly to any Laptop or Desktop PC allowing you to scan directly into the TIPWeb software.

The Socket CHS 7Ci is a pocket-sized Bluetooth cordless handheld scanner that is an Apple certified product, allowing you to scan directly into the TIPWeb software accessed from your compatible device.

USB Ready & Durable

Mobile Device Compatible

6’ H x 2.5’ W x 3.34’ D, 5.15 oz. 

1.36” H x 1.57” W x 5.07” L, 1.6 oz. 

Receives power from the personal computer USB interface 

Works with Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets and laptop PC's

Includes Hands-Free Intellistand™ and USB cable.

*Shipping fees are additional, call for pricing.

Includes AAA rechargeable batteries (2), USB AC charger kit, Lanyard/belt clip with retractable tether

*Shipping fees are additional, call for pricing.