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Products & Services

Hayes Software Systems offers a variety of products and services specifically designed for school inventory management.  Our clients tell us they choose our industry leading solutions because we make inventory management simple, easy to use, and optimized for educational institutions.

School Asset Management System

TIPWeb-IT School Asset Management System

TIPWeb-IT software is a centralized, real-time asset management system for schools providing administrative oversight of district-wide usage, retention and availability of technology equipment and operational assets.

Learn more about TIPWeb-IT.


School RFID Solution: TIPWeb-RFID

Help improve your district's efficiency and customer service with GetHelp, a help desk system equipped with asset management capabilities, designed specifically to support the unique needs of K-12 schools.

Learn more about GetHelp.

School RFID

School RFID Solution: TIPWeb-RFID

TIPWeb-RFID inventory scanning is designed to be quick and efficient, allowing the user to pick up difficult-to-reach bar codes in a room in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Learn more about RFID.

Textbook Inventory Management System

TIPWeb IM Textbook Inventory Management System

TIPWeb-IM software scales from an entire district to a single school that desires a centralized, real-time textbook inventory management system for instructional materials.

Learn more about TIPWeb-IM.

Professional Services

Utilizing more than 100 years of combined experience, our services team will provide inventory control related services that are proven to increase efficiency, mitigate risk and decrease costs.

Learn more about professional services.

Bar Code Reader - Portable and Attached Scanner Options

Bar Code Hardware insures a level of unmatched accountability while increasing accuracy of records and minimizing your time.

Learn more about bar code reader.