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Finding the Funds

Well over three quarters of funds secured for our inventory projects are existing funds. These include allocations within school district operating budgets, formula funds, technology funds, or dollars from school district foundations and parent orginizations.

Access Existing Funds

The best strategy for accessing existing federal, state, and local funding for the purchase of Hayes Software Systems products is to ensure the costs are included when administrators prepare budgets for these sources.


Five steps to access existing funds

  1. Find out when your district prepares the budget(s).  Be ready to submit a rationale for the product(s) and a quote from your Hayes Software Systems representative. (Request a quote.) Determine who needs this information and how they would like it (narrative, bullet points, charts, formal proposal, etc.). 

  2. Be sure to also describe a need/problem/challenge the product(s) will address. Use supporting data—number of lost assets, number of assigned assets to staff/students, etc.
  3. Describe how you will use the product(s): Number of assets, process, user roles, etc., as well as outcomes you expect (increased audit accuracy, greater equity across schools, etc.)
  4. If you would like us to review your rationale or provide specific verbiage, or if you are required to submit a "formal" proposal and need help preparing it, please contact us.
  5. In early to mid-spring, check with your district about any unspent funds that may be available at the end of the school year. If so, and your initial request was not approved, resubmit your request.