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Staff Directory


Anita Pantillion

Sales Manager

Bill Norton

Director of Partnerships and Strategic Development

Blake Sobol

Senior National Account Manager

Barry Trickey

National Account Manager

John Rueff

National Account Manager

Greg Gold

National Account Manager

Kristin Burroughs

National Account Manager

Lauren Kahn

National Account Manager

Michael Wilson

National Account Manager

Robert Dudenhoefer

National Account Manager

Starla Langston

Education Consultant

Marti Burch

Education Consultant

Customer Support

Kathie Guthrie

Lead Customer Support Specialist

Julia Takishita

Customer Support Specialist

Stephanie Delgado

Customer Education Coordinator

Nadine Blakely

Customer Support Technical Specialist, 
Tier 3

Marketing and Product Strategy

Mike Lattiak

Product Manager

John Mellios

Director of Client Services

Sara Arthrell

Director of Marketing

Megan White

Marketing Automation Specialist

Research and Development

Javier Ayala

Lead Software QA Engineer and Regression Manager

Guillermo Collazo

Senior Software Engineer

Javier Aldaz

Software Engineer and Architect

Greg King

Network Administrator

Implementation Services

Kyle Anders

Project Manager

Julie Thomas

Client Data Conversion Analyst

Jamey Johnston

Senior Software Engineer


Regina Jackson

Accounting Specialist

Katherine Wade

Business Analyst

Picture Coming Soon
Becky Child

Office Manager