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About Us

Hayes Software Systems is a privately held company based in Austin, Texas. Incorporated in 1990, father and son, Eugene and Michael Hayes, sought to provide software solutions for school administrators. Twenty years later, we still develop, market, sell, and support software and services to help manage the daily activities of K-12 campuses and district administration.


We’ve made it our business to understand what goes into doing your job – the issues and challenges you face on a daily basis.  Not only does our founder have personal insight into the needs of our clients (former teacher, assistant principal and principal) but many of our current employees have used our products on a daily basis as former employees of a school system. By focusing on education, we have developed specialized expertise, and can analyze your needs to provide you with the best solution available.


Hayes is committed to building and maintaining a personal working relationship with our clients, who are vital to contributing to the functionality of our applications.  Nearly every new feature added to our products is the result of suggestions from our users.


We know our customers and how they use our products because we are dedicated to providing each of our users with personalized Customer Support. That means a knowledgeable representative – who understands your needs – is available to provide you with personal service. Your problems are our problems and finding the answer as quickly as possible is our number one priority.


Our applications and services are designed specifically to support the many functions that fall under school administrators’ responsibility.  These activities have previously been tracked by a manual process – recorded on paper or computerized spreadsheet. We offer you the power of automation, with minimal data entry, extensive reports, and user friendly functionality

The foundation of Hayes’ success is a genuine dedication to support the needs of educators, delivering solutions that solve real world problems, and providing accurate and insightful service to each and every customer.